OnePlus One battery explodes while in owner’s pocket


We’re pretty sure that by now, you’ve already seen a phone exploding in someone’s pockets or while they’re sleeping with it. The latest device to succomb to the lithium-ion batteries malfunctions is the OnePlus One.

OnePlus forums member “MiYzu” reported that while he was in a subway, his beloved phone caught fire along with the TPU case that was protecting it. This lead to him getting a hole in his jeans along with a skin burn on his leg. What doesn’t make sense is why on the leg, and not on his butt since the phone was in his back pocket?

OnePlus’ Emmanuel contacted “MiYzu” by phone and will actually come to him to pick up the damaged phone. Miyzu will receive a new OnePlus One and financial compensation for his troubles. OnePlus sent the following statement to the folks at Android Police:

“We are very sorry to see one of our users had to experience this with their device as the safety of our customers is our first and foremost concern. We have already contacted MiYzu to learn more about his condition, as well as dispatched OnePlus staff to physically retrieve back the phone. This way, we can determine the circumstances surrounding this so that we may work to prevent this happening in the future.
Our products undergo extremely rigorous testing, and this is the first time anything like this has happened. We take this issue very seriously. We will send MiyZu a new phone and also reimburse him for the damage to his jeans and phone case, as well as any medical costs associated with this accident.”
-Carl Pei, the Director of OnePlus Global”

via OnePlus, AP