OnePlus adds insult to injury, asks disgruntled fans about “Got Invites ?” T-Shirt designs


I get it. OnePlus is a startup company and they’re very good at marketing themselves, I mean VERY good. Most of you who read Android blogs already know about their flagship phone, the OnePlus One, and how its low price point is making a very attractive Android phone. For half the price of a Galaxy S5 or HTC One M8, you can get a OnePlus One handset that sports the same features and more.

Now the tricky part. To get the OnePlus One, you’ll have to receive an invite. Invites are really hard to come by as we explained here. I believe that there have been over 300+, out of over 84,040, forums members, who have been invited to purchase the phone so far. It is clear that people are just not happy right now because they want the phone but are tired of waiting and not knowing if they’ll ever get a shot at getting the phone.

To add insult to injury, OnePlus asked their forumites to cast a vote about upcoming T-shirts designs. The shirts will have the 1+ logo in addition to the slogan “Got Invites?”. I think that this a pretty gutsy move from the Chinese company who only sent few hundred invites. Forum member Madalinn responded with the following statement:

Is this what we need ? some t-shirts ?
Is this for what I’m waiting since february ? Do we need to beg OPO to take our money, or what ?
Are you mocking us or are you screaming for publicity ?
By the way, do we need an invite to buy those t-shirts or it will be a shitty spam contest ?

Having swag to promote the OnePlus is a pretty good idea and they should do it. But why use the message “Got Invites ?”

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