OnePlus is giving away 500 invites for the OnePlus One in 5 days


If you have been impatiently waiting to get an invite for the OnePlus One, you should know that OnePlus has launched another contest. They will be giving away 500 invites over 5 days (100 per day) to the winners of the OnePlus Race. So far only launch countries are permitted to participate.

This is how it’ll work. Starting today, they’ll have random challenges throughout their forums. They’ll announce winners at the end of every day until June 16. So you basically have to live in the forums and forget about anything that is happening around you. You can only get one invite though, even if you win multiple times. You also have ti be a forum member to be eligible.

The challenges starts today and ends on Monday. We’ll post a set of new challenges every day in forums at random times. All winners will be announced at the end of the 5 days. For today, we just want you to sign up for an account in the forums (if you haven’t already) and fill out this form:

For more info, hit the link below

via OnePlus Forums