Official VLC Media Player comes to Android as a beta

If you watch any sort of videos on your computer, then chances are that you’ve probably heard of VLC Media Player. If you haven’t, VLC is an open source media player that pretty much plays whatever you throw at it. While there have been some unofficial ports for Android, this is the first time that VideoLan, the non-profit organization composed of volunteers and developers, releases VLC on the Android platform.

The app is currently available to download from the Google Play store as a Beta. Just like VLC on a desktop, VLC on Android pretty much plays whatever you throw at it. Since it’s a beta for the moment, you might experience some issues while using the app. In addition, it isn’t available to all. At the moment, the beta app is only available to devices with a ARMv7 CPU that supports NEON; VLC will support other devices in the future.

  • VLC for Android features the following:
  • Plays all files, in all formats, like the classic VLC.
  • Audio and video media library, with full search.
  • Support for network streams, including HLS.
  • Supports Android from version 2.1 (platform-7).
  • Supports ARMv6, ARMv7 and ARMv7+NEON.
  • Subtitles support, embedded and external, including ASS and DVD subtitles.
  • Multi audio or subtitles tracks selection.
  • Multi-core decoding, for Cortex-A7 A9 and A15 chips.
  • Experimental hardware decoding.
  • Gestures, headphones control.

It looks like the app was successfully tested on the Galaxy Nexus, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, Motorola Defy, HTC Desire, and Nexus One. The team is looking to test the app on as many phones as possible and are looking for extra phones. If you have a phone you’re not using and would like to donate it for science, contact the VideoLan team today.

To download the free beta app (if it’s compatible with your current device), head over to the Google Play store now.

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