NVIDIA unveils new Tegra Zone games, takes mobile gaming to the next level

NVIDIA has been all over the news with their out-of-this-world Tegra 3 quad-core processor. The chip maker has announced today the release of Tegra 3 4-Plus-1 CPU optimized games such as Sonic 4: Episode II which is said to bring console quality graphics to your mobile device. NVIDIA is definetely setting the bar very high when it comes to mobile gaming. Some of the other announced games are Bucket, Golden Arrow THD, Dark Kingdom THD, Eden to Greeeen and more.

It is great to see that NVIDIA is committed to bringing quality games to the upcoming Tegra-3-equipped phones and tablets. If you’re a gamer, you may want to start looking for NVIDIA powered Android devices to get your gaming fix. check out the previews for some of the new games below.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

NVIDIA claims that this second episode of Sonic 4 brings the quality console graphics to your Tegra-3-powered device. You basically play as Sonic the hedgehog and have to guide him through 17 levels filled with obstacles, real-time water effects and dynamic backgrounds. The game will be playable in 720p resolution on compatible devices.

Golden Arrow THD

This is the first this game lands on Tegra 3 devices. Golden Arrow “brings big-action, hack-and-slash gameplay. It features higher-resolution textures, high dynamic range lighting, soft shadows and is filled with lens flares, explosions and fires galore.”

Dark Kingdom THD

Dark Kingdom is an RPG game that has gone mobile. You play as some hero who is seeking to save his missing father at the “tower of gods.” You will get to collect a bunch of stones which allow to upgrade your weapons.


Eden to GREEEEN is a game that was built on the Unreal Engine and is considered as a “freemium” app which means that we could see some in-app purchase as soon as you go further into the game. As far as gameplay is concerned, you will get to fight alien machines that came to steal and destroy Eden’s natural resources.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure

This well known puzzle/strategy PC game has been formatted to play with on Tegra 3 devices. Using your “trusty” sidekick, Sasha the bird, you get to navigate “fully dynamic levels.” This game has been adapted from Bitsquid’s DirectX 11 engine.