Nexus 7 pre-orders from Google Play Store now shipping, arriving as early as July 13

With Google being quiet about an official release date for the Nexus 7, many of you who pre-ordered the tablet from the Play Store have been wondering when it will ship. If you haven’t checked you order status yet, you better get at it because XDA use bige610 has posted a screenshot of his order page. It says that his tablet is scheduled to be delivered on July 13 which is tomorrow. We should start seeing more orders shipping starting today from Google and we’re wondering if other retailers will follow soon. Have you gotten a shipping confirmation email yet?

via XDA

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  • stupid

    so google mandated every other retailer to hold stock just so their own pre-orders would arrive first? why does it even matter? isn’t asus handling third-party distribution to stores anyway?


    • I guess that is the plan. I was at my local Office Depot yesterday inquiring about the Nexus 7 and was told that they just got a new memo telling them to put all of their pre-orders on backorder.

  • TooFrank

    It matters because they messed up. I wouldn’t have paid Google for shipping if I’d known I could get it with FREE shipping (or in person) from elsewhere.

    • HalfwayCrook

      This! I feel so ripped off!!

  • Preordered

    Sounds like you didn’t preorder. Jealous much?

  • I ordered mine on 6/28 and mine shows nothing yet… Hopefully soon

  • Michael Simpkins

    The only problem I have with this screenshot is, where is there any indication that it’s the Nexus 7….how do I know that it’s not a Galaxy Nexus?…..grrrr sorry just kind of frustrated with the retail stores supposedly getting it just as early, when I pre-ordered mine from the Play Store before the Keynote even started.

  • SemanticsDubiety
  • HookedOnTabs

    We get a heck of a lot of UPS notifications. Never one with those colors and page format. Maybe Bige610 is laughing his ars off right now?

  • xdafan

    That screenshot was fake and has been deleted from XDA

  • Bionic

    what an idiot, that looks nothing like google e mail notifications for shipments

  • DroidMe

    YES!! They are shipping It true just picked up mine from Gamestop and coworker had his delivered this morning… Funny thing is that there a price tag of 99,999 on box and because someone paid 999 for it other day in store.

  • freeme

    just got an email from play around 930pm central time, got a tracking number, finally

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