Nexus 5 listing shows up on Google Play priced at $349, then gets taken down


With a slew of leaks floating around the web, we had yet to get any confirmation about the Nexus 5. Until tonight. The handset’s listing on Google Play has gone semi-live. You will be able to see the picture of it but that is all. You won’t be able to actually go to the description page or buy it yet.


The 16GB black model will be sold for $349. We suspect that the 32GB model will go for at least $399 or more–hopefully no more $450. It looks like that as I am writing this article, Google has taken it down. Here is the official tagline:

“Capture the everyday and the epic in fresh new ways. Starting at $349.”

In addition, a press render of the Nexus 5 has also made an appearance on Google’s servers here. Make sure you you’re signed in to your Wallet account with a valid and working credit card because the Nexus 5 is launching sooner than you think. We have the direct links which you could start refreshing until who knows…

via Google Play 16GB, 32GB