New Moto X hits Verizon Wireless on September 26 with Moto Maker


It’s official! Verizon just announced that they’ll have the new Moto X ready fro consumption starting tomorrow. You can also design your own phone via Moto Maker. As you may know, AT&T folks were first to offer it to their customers for $99 with a 2-year contract. Verizon is going to do the same with the black model of the phone.

Not a fan of the stock mode, you can always give Moto Maker a try and customize your phone the way only you want – 16GB is $99 and 32GB is $149. We think Verizon will also offer the new Moto X for $500 off-contract.It is worth mentioning that Big Red will also be offering the phone in white with the Bamboo backing for $100. Hit the link below for more info.

via Verizon