New leaked photo of Samsung smartphone running Android 4.0 is probably a fake

There’s an image of a Samsung smartphone that’s going around the net today. The image of the unknown phone, which is rumored to be announced by Samsung during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, shows a phone running a combination of Android 4.0 and Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. The phone appears to have modified buttons that resemble the digital buttons currently found on the Android 4.0 OS. Unfortunately, it looks like a fake. Michael Crider from Android Community has a detailed post on why he things that this leaked image is a fake, and I’m on his side.

The leaked image looks like a fake for a number of reason.

The first is the fact that current Ice Cream Sandwich updates that have been leaed for the Galaxy S II don’t look like anything in the on the shot of the device in question. Early builds of ICS on Samsung devices keeps Samsung’s TouchWiz UI in tact, unlike what is shown in the above image.

Second, almost all international versions of Samsung devices use a center button flanked by two capacitive touch buttons. Samsung phones with 4 capacitive touch buttons are usually reserved for U.S / North American releases. The phones that are announced at MWC by Samsung always are released in Europe first, with the standard 3-button layout. The phone pictured above has been photoshop to include 3 capacitive touch buttons that resemble those found on ICS.

Last but not least, if you look closely, you can clearly see errors in the photo itself. There is some bad stitching on the left and right bezels. In addition, if you zoom in to the capacitive touch buttons, you can also see that they were modified. Altogether, this image appears to be a modified version of the white version of the Samsung Galaxy S II.

The new phone sure does look a lot like the white Galaxy S II

Yes, Samsung is going to be revealing some phones during Mobile World Congress. We already know that they won’t be announcing the Galaxy S III, they will be hosting a seperate event for that phone later this year. While there’s rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S II plus phone floating around, the above phone doesnt’ appear to be it.

Mobile World Congress not far away; we’ll soon be finding out.

Source: BGR | Android Community