New images of BlackBerry Messenger running on Android gets leaked. Is it coming this year?

The guys over at Techno Buffalo have obtained some images of BlackBerry Messenger running on Android. As you probably know by now, BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM, is what is currently keeping many BlackBerry users loyal to RIM and their BlackBerry phones. The application allows BlackBerry users to send files and communicate via instant messaging.

This isn’t the first time that pictures of BBM running on Android have surfaced. Back in October, Techno Buffalo obtained some pictures of the popular app running on an Android device.

When those pictures surfaced, RIM quickly shot the idea of BBM ever coming to Android, saying that there were no plans for the service being ported to other platforms. The source who provided the images said that RIM was planning on releasing BBM for Android sometime before the end of the year.

Are they having a change of heart? Maybe. After all, they have invested a lot into Android. In the past year or so, they’ve gotten Android apps to successfully run on the BlackBerry Playbook and have BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, a mobile device management for managing Android and iOS devices in enterprise environment.

What do you guys think about BBM coming to Android? Is it a good idea? Is RIM too late? I personally think that it’s a great thing. It will allow us to easily communicate with our friends and family that remains loyal BlackBerry. For RIM, I’m still not sure if it’s a good or bad move. I guess we’ll be finding out soon, if the rumors are true.