New HTC One S OTA update brings Android 4.0.4 and HTC Sense 4.1 to users in Germany and the Netherlands

If you’re rocking an international version of the HTC One S, there could be some good news in the form of an update coming your way. According to reports out of Germany and the Netherlands, the popular One Series phone from HTC is currently in the process of receiving an OTA update that brings Android 4.0.4 (from Android 4.0.3) and HTC Sense 4.1.

The new HTC Sense 4.1 is said to fix some bugs and also bring speed improvements to the HTC Camera app on the One S. Also packed into the new sense are new features such as EA’s Gamebox gaming hub.

Unfortunately, we’re not sure when the update will be rolling out to other HTC One S owners. Since many have reported receiving it, you can be sure that HTC is working hard to get it on as many devices as possible.

Source: Androider | All About Phones | via The Verge