New Google Maps update brings offline map access to your Android device

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Google Maps for Android just got more useful with its latest update. Today, Google released an update for the popular maps app that brings an feature that we’ve all been waiting for: offline map access. Google first announced that offline maps were coming to Google Maps at their event in California a few weeks ago; and today, the update is finally available.

With the new update, you are now able to select regions on a map from over 150 countries to save for offline access. With the maps saved for offline access, you no longer will need to have access to data network or Wi-Fi to use the maps. The update allows you to save up to 6 areas to use offline.

To select an area to save for offline access, simply hit the menu button and select “make available offline”. You will then be prompted to select the area to be stored offline. Using your fingers to pinch and zoom, you can then select the portion of the map you’d like to store. To those worried about the maps taking up precious space, an estimated size indicator on the bottoms of the window lets you know how much space the map will take up.

Once the map has been stored, simply head to the My Places section of Google Maps by tapping on the top left corner of the Maps app and then select the offline tap to view your stored maps.

For those who travel a lot or are frequently in areas with bad reception, offline maps is going to be a great feature to have around. If you haven’t already, head over to the Google Play store now and download the new Google Maps.

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