New Google Docs update brings web clipboard functionality and more

The Google Docs app for Android was updated today. The update brings new features to the app, such as the new Web Clipboard functionality, improved open and send options, and support for 45 additional languages.

Web Clipboard

The biggest feature that the update brings is the Web Clipboard feature. Web Clipboard allows you to take pictures with your Android phone and insert them into a Google document. Doing so is easy, simply take a picture by using the Google Docs widget and select “send to Web Clipboard”. When you log onto Google Docs from your computer, you can paste the picture you took from your phone into your document.

Support for 45 additional languages

Along with the Web Clipboard feature, the updated Google Docs app now has support for 45 additional languages, bringing the total number of supported languages to 46. Now the application can be enjoyed by millions more all over the world because of the new language support.

Google Docs now has support for 46 languages

New sharing and opening options

The updated Google Docs app include improved open and send option, which enables you to open your document with any compatible viewer app. You can now also send a doc as an attachment via email and more.

Last but not least, this update also includes a lot of bug fixes. So if there was a bug that you were aware of and reported to Google, you should check and see if it has been squashed by the update.

To download the updated Google Docs app for Android, head over to the Android Market or scan the QR code below.

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