Motorola spill-proofs the Xyboard tablets, throws in free portfolio case and HD dock

To help sell more of their latest tablets, Motorola has gone ahead and made the new Xyboard 8.2 and Xyboard 10.1 tablets spill-proof. The new liquid-repellent coating on the Xyboard tablets will protect your device from spills (no, you won’t be able to use it under water).

In addition to spill-proofing it, Motorola is also giving away a free portfolio case and HD dock, an $89.98 value) with every purchase.

So, if you’ve been thinking about getting a Xyboard tablet, maybe you’ll get one now that it’s spill-proof? If yes, check out the source links below. The 10-inch model will set you back $499 while the smaller 8.2-inch model will set you back $399.

Source: Motorola (Xyboard 10.1) (Xyboard 8.2) | via Brief Mobile

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