Motorola releases the “Atrix Certificate Updater” app to address the banking apps issue

The Motorola Atrix 4G has been through ups and downs since its release in February. One of its biggest setbacks was the lack of HSUPA which was enabled through the 4.1.83 update earlier this month. Unfortunately, even though the new update has fixed some bugs, it also created some other ones such the inability for Atrix users to access some banking apps such as the “Bank of America” and the “Chase” ones.

Motorola released today an application called the “Atrix Certificate Updater” to address the banking applications malfunctions.

An issue was discovered with the roll-out of 4.1.83 Atrix 4G software that caused some mobile banking applications to no longer work.
If you are using a mobile banking application that no longer allows you to login, this application may be able to help.

To use the ACU app, you must have the 4.1.83 firmware installed on your Atrix 4G and follow these instructions:

1. To update the certificate, open the installed application from application menu and follow the prompts
2. After updating the certificate, the phone HAS to be rebooted to make the new certificate work.
3. User can revert the change by re-launching this app again.

Reports from Atrix 4G owners claim that this app is actually working but as usual, we would love to hear from you! The link to the app as well as the QR code can be found below.


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via Motorola Support Forums