Motorola Photon 4G bootloader unlocked

The bootloader on the Motorola Photon 4G has been unlocked thanks to some hardworking developers over at XDA forums. With the Photon 4G’s bootloader unlocked, true custom ROMS should soon start appearing.

The Photon 4G’s bootloader was unlocked using the same method that was used to unlock the Atrix 4G’s bootloader. In order to unlock your Photon 4G, head over to the XDA Developers forums (source link below) and read the instructions carefully. This bootloader unlock method is only for the Motorola Photon 4G. Do not try it on any other phone, or you risk doing some serious damage to your device.

with the Atrix 4G and Photon 4G’s bootloader unlocked, it makes one wonder if Motorola’s upcoming phone, the Droid Bionic, will get its bootloader unlocked shortly after launch (assuming Motorola locks it and doesn’t provide an unlock method).

To unlock the bootloader on your Photon 4G, head over the XDA Developers forum and follow the instructions carefully.

Source: XDA Developers Forums