Motorola doesn’t want you to “miss out” on Jelly Bean, will give you $100 if you can’t get it

Along with announcing a couple of devices earlier today, Motorola mentioned that they’ll update some of their 2011 handsets to Jelly Bean. If you happen to own a Motorola phone that isn’t going to be graced with JB, you will be offered $100 to spend towards a newer one. The whole process suggests that you first purchase a new device, trade your older one and then request the rebate.

If we don’t upgrade your phone to Jelly Bean, we don’t want you to miss out. Buy a select new Motorola smartphone, trade in your old phone, and we’ll give you $100 back. So you always enjoy the best from us.

While we’re not sure if other handsets will be included in this offer, we suggest that you ask Verizon themselves. Make sure to let us know if you get lucky.

via Verizon