Motorola Atrix sequel with a bigger screen on the way?

For the past month or two, it looks like China is our go-to spot to find out about the latest Motorola phones. The latest leak is an Atrix looking-like Motorola device which goes under the codename ME865. If you look at the picture above, you can clearly see the AT&T logo on it which why we are thinking that this mysterious phone might be the Atrix’s replacement at some point.

According to the Chinese blog, the ME865 is called DROID HD, whereas the brand name DROID is only used by Verizon. Can we call it call it, the Atrix 2 then?. From the pictures, we can definitely see that the Atrix 2 will sport an 8-megapixel rear camera, a 4.3″ or 4.5″ (said to be a 720×1280) display and maybe a dual-core processor. It will also be capable of recording 720p videos which isn’t really true HD but it may get upgraded to 1080p, just like the Atrix, through an OTA update.

There have been reports that pictures of this unknown Motorola phone could be fake because of a watermark that says “Sony Ericsson V611” but that only appears in one of the eight pictures we have. I guess we won’t know until this Moto phone gets announced or gets a thorough review by a more trusted source. What do you guys think?

Source Digital Sina
Via Phandroid