Motorola Atrix 4G’s bootloader has been unlocked, all builds included

Today is definitely going to be remembered by all of the Atrix 4G owners who have been on Motorola’s behind since the phone was released. You no longer need to Gingerbread on your Atrix to be able to unlock the bootloader.

The leaked Gingerbread update has allowed some developers from the XDA forums to unlock the bootloader on all the build versions of the Atrix (Froyo). They have successfully created a bootloader unlock file that users can flash into their devices, and if all goes well, you will get the “device is now unlocked” message! We also want to remind you that unlocking your Atrix 4G “may void your warranty.”

Our friends at BriefMobile have put up a nice and easy-to-follow step-by step guide to how to unlock the Atrix 4G bootloader. You can follow this link but remember that we aren’t responsible for any harm that you may cause to your phone.


  • Don’t forget to back up your data because you will lose all of it during this process.
  • Only the AT&T and OLYFR versions of the Atrix 4G are currently working with the unlock file. There have been reports that the Bell and French versions are encountering errors.

via BriefMobile