Motorola Atrix 4G Upcoming Update

As a member of the Motorola Support Forums, I just stumbled upon a post from their forum manager asking the members of the forums and who are AT&T Atrix 4G owners to sign up for an upcoming release of an update. Motorola is looking for 1000 Atrix 4G owners to provide feedback on the update which is, as per Mark the forum manage, isn’t intended to enable HSUPA or unlock the bootloader.
I am really starting to wonder about what this update will be for and I hope that Mark will be wrong this time again as he was a couple of weeks ago, when he said that the Atrix 4G does not support the HSUPA technology. Here is to hoping!! Let us know what you think this update will address?

Motorola and AT&T are happy to announce a pre-release of the first software update* for ATRIX 4G with MOTOBLUR, before it is officially released to all customers. We are recruiting 1,000 ATRIX owners to test and provide feedback on the update.

This registration period will be open until we receive our limit of qualified applicants. Note that you must be a member of the Motorola Owners’ Forums to register. If you’re interested in testing and want to take part, just join Motorola’s community now and then fill out the short registration form.

Please note that registering will not guarantee you’ll be among those testing the software update as testers will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis, and on valid registration responses. Registration closes at 11am Central time 3/25/11. Selected users will receive additional information to prepare for the update via email when the trial begins.

A list of enhancements will be provided when the registration closes.


Motorola and AT&T Community Management

* Motorola Software Pre-Releases are final software checks, with a limited group of users, before upgrades/updates are provided to the general public. Software tested may be no different than what other users receive once testing is complete.

[via Motorola Support ]