Motorola Atrix 4G Update Version 4.1.83 Available To All using the Motorola Updater

It looks like a users from the Android forums have been able to update their Motorola Atrix 4G to the 4.1.83 version by following the regular Motorola software update process. Until now we haven’t heard anything from Motorola about the update because it is still being tested in beta.

So if you have an Atrix 4G and cannot wait for the announcement by either AT&T or Motorola, you can do this:

Many Atrix 4G owners have confirmed that the link we provided is actually working and that their phones have been updated. They are seeing better upload speeds, an improved Skype app, the Android version has been bumped to 2.2.2 and overall a substantial improvement to the Atrix 4G.

updated using the link provided above. now showing android 2.2.2 and v4.1.83. Did a speed test and was consistently getting in the range of 1.4mbps uploads. Prior to the update I would get in the 190-300kbps range.

We hope that his helped all of you Atrix 4G owners out there. We applaud Motorola for listening to its fans by releasing two updates in two months to allow all of them to enjoy their phones! Don’t forget to let us know how you like the new update and if the link above is still working.

Update: AT&T posts directions about how to upgrade the Atrix 4G

via Android Forums

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  • smf98aggie

    I installed the update to my computer, plugged in my phone, but it wouldn’t recognize the update. It says my software is up to date, yet I’m still running 4.1.57.

    • they probably caught up to it because they were people who successfully updated

  • yval8957

    Same here, went through the above steps, but the software told me that the phone’s software was up to date.

  • Isaac

    I haven’t tried the update process yet, will do that later this evening. But the accompanying PDF on the motorola update site only mentions 4.1.57 and no newer version.

    • Let us know Isaac! Thanks

      • Mark

        I did the update this morning. If you just follow the instructions on the site step by step, you shouldn’t have any problems. It does take a little while to get going (mine looked “stuck” at 0% before starting up). Also it is true that the pdf with the update is still for 4.1.57, but the update correctly applies 4.1.83.

        • @Mark How are your speeds now?

  • Chinxos203

    Check out xda forums to get a copy of the file tHe file and install it uself

    • smf98aggie

      Do you have the direct link to it on XDA?

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