Motorola and Verizon Wireless to announce a new device on September 5

Looks like its that time of the year again, when Verizon and Motorola get together to announce new things. The last time we saw Motorola and Verizon get together for a major announcement, they announced the Motorola RAZR. This time, they will be doing it up again at an event in New York City on September 5th.

Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure what will be announced. There are a few things that come to mind. For starters, the Motorola Droid RAZR HD sounds like a nice phone that people have been waiting for. Another thing that can be announced is a tablet; the last Motorola tablets, the Xyboards, weren’t that big of a hit, so they could be looking to redeem themselves with a newer, better tablet this time around.

Another possible item that Motorola can be announcing on September 5 could be the successor to their popular sports and fitness tracking GPS watch, the Motoactv. It has been almost a year since the Motoactv was announced, and it’s about time for a faster, and better device with more features and a developer api.

Last but not least, maybe Motorola will be announcing their first Intel-powered smartphone. As you recall, back at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Intel announced that it had signed a deal with Motorola to produce Intel-powered phones.

Let us know what you think Motorola will be announcing on September 5 by leaving a comment below.

via The Verge