Some Moto 360 watches suffering from stuck pixel syndrome, #PixelGate?


I purchased a Moto 360 about 3 weeks ago and I have fell in love with this smartwatch since then. In fact, I am so in love with it that I became blind, until today. There was this stuck pixel on the top right of the screen and it drove me crazy. A quick Google search and there were a bunch of discussions about this issue.

The stuck pixel usually appears during boot time and when the display has a black background. While I only had one bad pixel, other owners are reporting to have more than that. If you’re still within the return window and are annoyed with this bug, you can return your Moto 360 or exchange it. I did 2 exchanges today to finally get one that is free of this #pixelgate. You can also reach out to Motorola- folks are getting new units sent out to them in exchange for their defective Moto 360s. You also try a quick reset to see if that works.

moto-360-dead-pixel-1 moto-360-dead-pixel

The Best Buy person who helped me with the exchanges mentioned that they’ve been getting a quite a few returns due this pixel issue. Could this be a widespread issue? Maybe. I reached out to Motorola and I’ll report back if I hear something.

Does your Moto 360 have dead/stuck pixels? Do you care is it does? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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  • simpl3lang

    Majority of the moto 360 have dead pixels. I saw one while resetting my watch. Exchanged it back at bestbuy. Did this about 5 times. And still have a dead pixel. My 5th one aint bad but its there, super tiny compared to the others and only noticeable on light grey screen. I gave up looking but Im still keeping the device. I love it.

    The 3rd and fourth one i got were the worst. Had 5-6 dead pixels.

    Its funny cause i pretty much opened all the remaining stock in 2 bestbuys before going to the 3rd bestbuy where i gave up lol.

    • zizo79

      I only did 2 exchanges and I also saw it for the first time when rebooting. Now the side button is loose. Are you able to remove yours easily?

      • simpl3lang

        Sorry i havent encountered any issues with the side button

  • Andrew Chandler

    I’ve been through 3 watches, all 3 had stuck pixels. First was from Best Buy, the next two were from Motorola. The first replacement was even worst than my original watch:

    Support is absolutely unbearable, inconsistent, and will waste weeks of your time if you settle for their first-tier call centers. If you value your sanity, post to the Moto forums and let their mods escalate you to the top level of support at corporate headquarters.

  • SpainelT

    In the first week sales of the product in Brazil 11/05/2014, Moto360 is already delivered to customers with problems on the screen!

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