Moto 360 with Metal Band available for pre-order at Verizon, ships on November 11


When the Moto 360 was initially announced, only the ones with the leather bands were made available. The models with steel bands were st to launch sometimes before the end of the year. Although not available at, the metal-banded Moto 360 can now be pre-ordered from Verizon with a November 11 delivery date.

Here is where it gets tricky. If you were looking to get the metal bands from the-get-go, be ready to drop $80 on top of the $250 you already spent on the letathered Moto 360.You still end up with 2 bands though. You can also get a third party band just like the one shown here and save up some money.

If you’re willing to wait for another 2 months for the Moto 360, you can hit the link below. Both colors, silver and black, are available.

Are you going to wait?

via Verizon