More information on the Amazon Kindle update 6.2.1

Amazon has posted more details on the 6.2.1 update for the Kindle Fire that is currently being pushed out to warm Kindle Fire tablets all over the place. According to Amazon, update 6.2.1 does the following:

  • Enhances fluidity and performance
  • Improves touch navigation responsiveness
  • Gives you the option to choose which items display on the carousel
  • Adds the ability to add a password lock on Wi-Fi access.

You can check to see if you already received the update by going to Quick Settings > More > Device. If your System Version says Current Version 6.2.1, then you’re good to go. If your system version says 6.0, 6.1, or 6.2, then you need to update your Kindle Fire.

You can update your Kindle Fire manually or automatically.

How to automatically update the Kindle Fire to version 6.2.1.

To update automatically, make sure that you are connected to a wireless network then tap the quick settings icon and then tap Sync. The software update will automatically download and your Kindle Fire will automatically update itself when the device isn’t being used.

How to manually update the Kindle Fire to version 6.2.1

To manually update your Kindle Fire, simply download the software update 6.2.1 update file (update-kindle-6.2.1_D01E_3103920.bin), connect your Kindle Fire to your computer and place the downloaded file in the kindleupdates folder. Once the file has been transferred to your Kindle Fire, initiate the software update by going to Quick Settings > More > Device and select “Update your Kindle”. Your Kindle Fire will then restart and you will be rocking version 6.2.1!

Via Amazon Kindle Fire Support