MIUI 4 ROM brings ICS goodness to the Amazon Kindle Fire

The famous Android 4.0 based MIUI 4 ROM has finally made its way to Amazon’s Kindle Fire. If Amazon’s current user interface is starting to bore you, you may want to consider rooting your tablet to take advantage of custom ROMs such as the MIUI 4.

One of the coolest things that you will see added with the MIUI 4 ROM is a full access to the Android Market. It will however delete all of Amazon’s pre-installed apps but you will be able to re-install them afterwards. Although MIUI 4 doesn’t have the same UI as the phone version, it still includes some of the ROM’s own custom applications such as the File Browser and backup utility.

If you want to see MIUI 4 in action, check out the video below and if you want to take it a step further and install the ROM, follow Liliputing’s step by step instructions.

via Liliputing