Millenial Media: Kindle Fire generating hundreds of millions of impressions

It looks like Jeff Bezos and Amazon have a hit with their $199 Kindle Fire tablet. Although they haven’t released official numbers yet, we know that the Kindle Fire has been the number one selling item on since it was available for pre-order. We also know that all Kindles combined, Amazon is selling over 1 million of them, every single week and that it is the best-selling tablet at

Today, we have some more information on the status of the Kindle Fire with consumers. In their November 2011 Mobile Mix report, Millenial Media has announced that ad the Kindle Fire has made an impact on the connected device market. On their platform, the Kindle fire is generating hundreds of millions of impressions every month. The hundreds of millions of impressions is thanks to the Kindle Fire’s average daily growth rate of 19%.

According to Millenial Media, the Kindle Fire’s impression growth rate on their platform has outpaced that of the Apple iPad when the iPad launched in early 2010.

We won’t know for sure how successful the Kindle Fire is until Amazon decides to release the numbers. Until then, we can only speculate. But based on all the information we’ve heard, we can only assume that Amazon is doing a good job with their Kindle Fire tablet.

Source: Millenial Media