MetroPCS goes after T-Mobile in latest funny commercial

I love Chad and Ranjit; their commercials make me crack up, every single time. This time, they’re taking advantage of the whole T-Mobile/AT&T acquisition by doing two things: 1. By trying to get people to switch over to T-Mobile, and 2. by trying to steal Carly (that cute girl in all the T-Mobile commercials).

Whether you’re a T-Mobile customer or not, you can’t help it but laugh when you watch this commercial. While I don’t think Carly would ever go to MetroPCS, I do think that many people will leave T-Mobile for MetroPCS if the deal goes through.

If you’re a T-Mobile customer, are you planning on staying or leaving if the AT&T acquisition goes through? If you plan on leaving, will you be joining the big boys (Sprint or Verizon), or will you go with a smaller carrier, such as Chad and Ranjit’s MetroPCS?

Let us know by dropping a comment below. Group hug!

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via TMONews