Meet TouchPal, the new nemesis of Swype!

Almost every Android phone comes pre-loaded with Swype as its main keyboard. I have tried SwiftKey and FlexT9 for a while and I have always gone back to Swype. This time, I am probably staying away for good because I fell in love with the new TouchPal keyboard.

If you are wondering what the difference is between TouchPal and Swype, you may want to check out the promotional video below. The folks at TouchPal are looking for beta testers to check out a newer version of this input application and if you would like to get in it, follow @touchpal and wait for an announcement. I strongly suggest that you guys give the TouchPal keyboard app a try and please let us know! We also included the direct link and QR code to the Android market.

Source TouchPal
via AndroidandMe

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