Logitech Revue gets a price drop, now $99.99

Logitech announced today that they will be dropping the price of the Revue from $299.99 to $99.99. This was due to a not-so-good financial year for the California-based electronics manufacturer.

Logitech first dropped the price of the Revue to $249.99 in Q1 of this year to help boost sales and apparently that move wasn’t successful because they re-dropped the price of the Google TV box to $99.99, a 60% reduction. Cheaper alternatives such as Roku and Apple TV have certainly caused this Marketing move by Logitech and at a $99.99 price tag, we should see the Logitech Revue bouncing back to have an equitable “fight” against its competitors.

Google TV is expected to get a bump to version 2.0, bringing Honeycomb to the Android-powered TV platform and enabling the “app zooming” feature to run applications on big screens. We do not know when the price drop on the Revue will take effect but it shouldn’t take a while.

I don’t know about you but I am definitely getting one at $100…Hurry Logitech!

via Logitech