Legacy Play Store lets you see your purchased applications

For a long time, the Android Market allowed us to see a of list purchased applications on our devices. After receiving few incognito updates, that list which was named “installed apps” was yanked. So instead of only seeing your purchases, you will see every single app you installed including the free ones.

Fortunately, Mr. O’Brien from MoDaCo decided to provide us with a fix. He released an app called “Legacy Play Store” which brings back that paid apps section. He used an older version of the Play Store that actually had it and blended it in with the regular Play Store.

Folks with devices┬árunning pre-Android 4.1 can sideload the Leagacy Play Store Apk. While handsets running Jelly Bean will require a little bit of tweaking. Paul O’Brien mentions that you need to ” push the apk to /system/app and chmod it to 644″–In order for this to work, you have to be rooted! Thank you Google for letting us do all of this for a feature that you should have kept. Hit the source link to grab the app.

Download: Legacy Play Store Apk
via MoDaCo