Latest Dropbox Beta adds extra security with 2-step verification

If you’re a Droppox user with sensitive information backed up with the service, there’s some good news for you. Today, Dropbox announced that its latest beta of the popular cloud-based storage service now has extra security thanks to 2-step verification. If you’re a Google 2-step verification user, then you probably know why this added feature by Dropbox is a great one.

With 2-step an added layer of protection is added in order for you to log into your Dropbox account. Instead of just requiring your password to log in you, you will need two things: your password, and access to your mobile device. When you sign in using your password, you will then be prompted to enter a security code, which will be generated for you by your phone.

To get started with 2-step verification on Dropbox, you will need to download the latest beta. Once downloaded, you will then need to activate 2-step authentication by visiting this link.

Once activated, you will be able to get your authentication code by using Google Authenticator and the Amazon AWS MFA apps for Android. If you prefer to get the security codes via text messages, there’s an option for that, too.

If you don’t have your mobile phone with you, you can always use a special 16-digit emergency backup code that is provided when you first enable the feature.

Source: Dropbox Forums | Dropbox | via The Verge