Kindle Fire update 6.2.1 now rolling out – adds home screen customization and improved browser performance

The Amazon Kindle Fire is in the process of receiving another software. Update 6.2.1, which was first mentioned less than two weeks ago brings a number of improvements to the $199 Kindle Fire tablet. Two of the most noticeable features and improvements on the Kindle Fire after update 6.2.1 is the ability to customize the home screen and improved SILK browser performance. One of the biggest privacy concerns about the Kindle Fire was that there was no way of updating what information appeared on the home screen of the device. Everything from last book read, web page visited, document opened, all appeared on the home screen.

Another feature in the new update is the ability to password protect Wi-Fi access. This will prevent those little kids from purchasing books, apps, and media without your consent :-).

If you’ve rooted your Kindle Fire, be careful. This new update breaks root. The update is currently being pushed out to some lucky Kindle Fire owners. Amazon has yet to post the complete change log and manual update instructions on their Kindle Fire support page.

If you’re one of the lucky people who received the update, let us know by dropping a comment below.

Source: Amazon Kindle Fire Forums, via The Verge