Kindle Fire HD users will be able to opt-out of ads

One of the reasons Amazon was able to keep the price of the Kindle Fire tablets so low is because of advertisements. On the Kindle Fire HD tablets, ads will be displayed on the lock screen when the tablet isn’t in use. The ads, despite being unobtrusive, are still not welcomed by some people.

To make everyone happy, Amazon has announced that users will be able to opt-out of ads on their Kindle Fire tablets by paying a small fee. For just $15, Kindle Fire HD users will be able to disable the special offers that will be shown on the device’s lock screen.

The change in heart by Amazon comes just a day after the company announced that users would not be able to opt-out of ads on the device. The advertisement are placed there in order to keep retail costs down.

Despite letting users have the ability to opt-out, Amazon believes that few users will take advantage of this offer. Despite that, Amazon believes that everyone should have the option to opt-out if they desire.

I personally don’t mind an ad on my Kindle Fire. The ads appear on the lock screen, are unobtrusive, and give you access to some very good offers. I also understand that the ads are there in order to help drive down the price of the device. In the grand scheme of things, Amazon understands that consumers want tablets that don’t cost an arm and a leg, and that’s exactly what they’ve been able to produce with these new Kindle tablets.

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via The Verge