Kindle app for Android update brings real page numbers, smaller download file

The Amazon Kindle app for Android received an update the other day. Some of you might not care about the new feature included in the update, but many, especially the ones with mild OCD will definitely appreciate it. With the new update, the Amazon Kindle app for Android now features real page numbers. Instead of receiving the weird Kindle page number format, the app will now show you the real page number of the book, just like in the printed version.

While it isn’t available on all books, real page numbers is currently available in thousands of books.

In addition to adding real page numbers, the app also lost a lot of weight in terms of download size. The Kindle app went from a 25MB download to a smaller 8.28MB download.

So, if you read books on your Kindle for Android app, you should head over to the Android Market and download the update!

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