Is Blackberry Messenger (BBM) coming to Android?

Android users, would you use Blackberry Messenger if it was available on Android? What about you, Blackberry lurkers, would you switch to Android if you knew that you can continue using the one thing that’s keeping you from leaving the slowly-sinking RIM ship?

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) could be heading to Android. A number of pictures of the popular messaging app running on Android were sent over to the guys at TechnoBuffalo by a RIM employee. The RIM employee who sent the pictures had this to say:

I work for RIM and I was shown the latest version of BBM for android. I ran the app on the blackberry android dev phone.( The dev phone feels very cheap and unstable and the front four buttons have just been stuck on. I don’t believe this phone will ever be released to the public.) The latest version certainly looks better than the previous version.

In the set of images, you can clearly see a BBM icon on the home screen and also of the app running. There’s no telling if these images are real or fake, it seems like people are willing to go to extreme lenghts to achieve anonymous internet notoriety.

Let’s assume that these shots are real (which I believe they are), the number one question that comes to mind is why?

Why in the world would RIM go ahead create their prized application, the one thing that’s keeping people from switching from Blackberry to Android or iOS, available on the OS that its quickly losing market share to?

If RIM goes ahead and releases BBM on Android, could it mark the end of RIM? Only time will tell.

via TechnoBuffalo