Initial shipments of AT&T branded Nexus 6 being sent back due to software bug


It looks like AT&T has some issues with its initial batch of Nexus 6 devices. According to Droid Life, Motorola is asking the carrier to ship whatever inventory its stores is carrying. The reason behind this is a bug that forces the phone’s screen to become black and impacts the connectivity to the AT&T network.


AT&T sent an internal memo to its stores to alert them about the situation. It says that they need to return the initial Nexus 6 stock immediately and that Motorola has “identified the root cause of the issue and is currently working on shipments with correct software.” If your phone is experiencing this issue, you should get it replaced at your local AT&T store.

If you still want to place an order, your AT&T rep can do so via their Direct Fulfillment Process. Otherwise, you can alway hit up a nearby Best Buy or buy it from Amazon.

Maybe this would’ve happened if AT&T wasn’t too busy trying to finagle with the OS? What do you guys think?

via DL