In-app billing finally comes to Android

After months of hard work from the Android team, In-app billing will finally be available to Android developers. This is a feature that developers have been requesting for a long time. With in-app billing, developers will now be able to monetize their applications by offering try-and-buys, virtual currency, upgrades and more.

This new addition will allow many developers to finally start developing applications for Android. A lot of developers, Disney and their Tap Tap Revenge application, for example, were unable to fully develop their apps on the Android system because their application has the ability to let user buy additional content from right within the application. This simple but very useful feature for developers was missing in Android.

The in-app billing system for Android will be launching in stages. As of today, you Google has provided detailed documentation on the service, a long with sample applications to help you get familiar.

In the next few weeks, they will be updating the Android Market in order to allow testing of in-app purchases. By the end of the quarter, the service will be live for users and developers will be able to monetize their applications.

[via Android Developers blog]