In-app billing coming to Android next week; developers can now test their apps

Google has just announced that their In-app billing system will be launching next week. To get things started, developers can now test applications for the service.

What is In-app billing? It’s a way for developers to sell extra things to you, such as features, levels, clothing, weapons, music, cheats, etc. — all while you’re still inside the App. There will be no need to close the app, go to the market, or to a separate website, to complete a transaction.

Hopefully this new feature will bring new developers to the Android platform. One developer that’s been waiting for In-App billing to be released is Disney. Disney is the creator of the popular iOS game Tap Tap revenge. Since Tap Tap revenge enables users to purchase songs directly from within the app, they haven’t been able to port the game to Android because this feature was missing for Android developers.

Via Android Developers Blog