In an attempt to avoid the Android “piracy cesspool” RIM will block sideloading of apps on the BlackBerry Playbook

If you’re a BlackBerry Playbook owner, the ability for you to sideload Android apps onto your Blackberry will soon be removed from the device. Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations at RIM, announced the move on Twitter in a series of tweets, which you will find below.

RIM will be removing the ability to sideload apps in a future update, which will require all users to download and install all Android app through BlackBerry App World.

Saunders says that the move is to prevent the piracy that is currently plaguing the “chaotic cesspool” called the Google Play Store. Citing unnamed sources, Saunders said that over 25% of Android apps are illegally downloaded.

For developers, Saunders says not to worry because a work-around will be available for them that will allow them to sideload and test their apps.

While it’s true that Google hasn’t done much to curtail the piracy of Android apps, I don’t think that this move is going to help RIM at all. Yes, it does such that people are too cheap to spend a few dollars on apps, but locking your device up won’t help you gain support from consumers, RIM.

Remember when AT&T used to lock up their Android devices to prevent sideloading? Two things happened: 1. although it was a little difficult, a solution was found and people were able to sideload despite the ban, and 2. AT&T realized that blocking the sideloading of apps wasn’t helping them, so they came to their senses and enabled it.

I predict that the same thing will be happening with the BlackBerry PlayBook; people are going to figure out how to sideload apps, despite the OS not featuring it. If the PlayBook ever gains enough traction, RIM will realize that consumers want the freedom to do what they please with their device and will allow sideloading, once again.

We’ll see what happens!

via The Verge