iFixit tears down the Droid 4, reveals a removable battery

The guys over at iFixit did what they love to do with the Motorola Droid 4, they tore it apart for all of us to see just what’s inside this new beast-of-a-phone from Motorola. As usual, the phone contains a number of components that work together to make the Droid 4 work the way it’s supposed to.

The biggest reveal from the Droid 4’s tear down is its battery. This is the first time that the QWERTY-slider Droid contains a non-removable battery. When Motorola says non-removalble, they mean that you can’t just buy another battery and replace it by opening the back cover and removing the old battery. With some tools and some patience, the battery on the Droid 4 is removable, and iFixIt shows you how to do it. In order to remove the battery on the Droid 4, if you would ever need too, you would need a few tools and some patience.

For more information on how to take apart the Droid 4, you should head over to iFixIt. While we hope that you never have to pry open the phone, it’s good to have the instructions handy in case the day ever comes.

Source: iFixit