HTC working on upgraded version of One X, to be available sometime around October

HTC Is working on a slightly upgraded version of the HTC One X and it could be available sometime around October 1st. According to the guys at Stuff, the slightly-upgraded One X will have a faster processor, improved battery, and more.

We wouldn’t call this new version of the One X a successor. Think of it like the Sensation XL compared to the original Sensation.

The phone, which is currently known by its codename, HTC Endeavour C2, will feature a 1.7GHz quad-core processor, improved battery, new color, and will come bundled with UrBeats earphones. Design-wise, it looks like the new One X will look like current version; Stuff is reporting that all current accessories will work with this new model.

Software wise, the Endeavor C2 will have ClearVoice to improve call quality and will also be the first HTC phone to run HTC’s Watch 2 app, the latest version of its video-on-demand app.

The Endeavour C2 is expected to be available in the UK at some point around October 1st.

Source: Stuff