HTC Thunderbolt update rumored for June 30th, brings Gingerbread, Amazon Appstore, and more

HTC Thunderbolt owners, we have some good news for you. Gingerbread is coming to the HTC Thunderbolt! The update, which is around the corner (June 30 according to Android and Me) will give your HTC Thunderbolt Android 2.3.4 (the latest version of Gingerbread) along with other nice goodies, such as a fix for those random reboots that you’ve been experiencing.

The leaked document shows that the Thunderbolt will be getting Android 2.3.4, which means gTalk videos will finally be available. In addition, Skype video functionality will also be added. The Amazon Appstore will also come pre-installed, according to the leaked document. You will now be just one-click away from the awesome daily deals that Amazon has to offer.

Verizon hasn’t confirmed anything or made anything public, yet, so as with any leak, there’s a possibility that dates could change or features removed from the update once it’s made available.

Check out the leaked pictures of the update change log below.

via Android and Me