HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update still scheduled for this month

It is not a secret that many HTC Thunderbolt owners are getting antsy about having their phones updated with Gingerbread. Many software leaks have been spotted in the wild but weren’t really official which means that the normal phone user wouldn’t have been able to install them because they’ll have to root their phones. HTC promised that the both the HTC incredible and Thunderbolt will get Android 2.3 during September, and so far only the Dinc had the honors.

A Twitter user going under the handle @treybarnes66 asked HTC about when he will be able to get Gingerbread on his Thunderbolt. They replied with the following statement: “Yes, it’s still scheduled for this month. Thank you for your patience, Trey.” So there you have it, the update is still on its way and we will know for sure in four days.

Source @HTC
via Phonedog