HTC Scribble app makes its way to the Play Store, for HTC phones only

htc-scribble-3 htc-scribble-2 htc-scribble-1

For a little while, HTC started listing its own apps in the Play Store. Today, they made their HTC Scribble app available for the HTC One devices. It originally launched the HTC One Max as a part of pre-loaded apps that came with HTC Sense.

HTC Scribble basically lets you draw skteches, has ready-to-use templates, lets you combine text, photos and doodles in one single note and more. It is pretty much similar to Samsung’s S Memo (without the S Pen). If you’re a fan of drawing e-cards for your friends, HTC Scribble lets you do that as well.

This app is currently available in the Play Store for free, and for HTC One devices. We would’ve like to see in other devices as well because it does look cool. In case you do not have an HTC phone, you can always try apps like Papyrus, Notepad and FreeNote. Otherwise, you can install the app by hitting the link below.

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