HTC Nexus 9 name leaked in NVIDIA’s lawsuit documents


Image Credit: Android Police

This is really good news. I have been waiting for a HTC-made Nexus device since the Nexus One. Rumors about an upcoming Nexus 9 tablet have just been confirmed. Legal documents from a lawsuit between HTC, Samsung and Qualcomm over some GPU patents, revealed the name of the tablet and that it will sport the Tegra K1 processor. Also mentioned is the launch date, expected in Q3 in 2014.

Not sure if you knew but HTC is planning an event dubbed “Double Exposure” which will take place in New York next month. There is a chance we could see the Nexus 9 there. We expect Google to announce Android L at the same time. Here is the excerpt from the filings:


via Engadget | Bright Side of News