HTC lawsuit costs Apple over $100 million, according to report

What goes around comes around.

According to Newsweek’s Dan Lyons, there has been a rumor floating among lawyers. Apple reportedly lost over $100 million during its preliminary stages of lawsuits against HTC. Over 84 claims based on 10 patents have resulted in the Cupertino-based company shedding all that money.

Apple has vowed to go on war against Google and its licensees. In February 2010, they filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission against HTC. It then scored a small victory which resulted in the ban of HTC products in the U.S. Fortunately, the Taiwanese-based company was able to work around the ban by adjusting its phones with a simple software fix.

Following the wishes of their late CEO, Apple has been relentless on going after Android at large with one idea in mind: destroying Android. Well, they did win one claim against HTC but at a hefty price.

via Real Dan