HTC is at it again, the EVO 3D has a locked bootloader

HTC has just officially joined Motorola in the quest of locking their devices’ bootloaders and depriving us, Android enthusiasts, from fully enjoying our devices which means that we cannot install customs ROMs, kernels and recoveries unless our geniuses at the XDA forums figure out a way around it.

The HTC EVO 3D also joins the upcoming HTC Sensation which also comes with a signed bootloader, this shows how wireless carries are starting to request phone manufacturers to “beef” up securities to block any attempts at modifying Android phones. You might have to run your EVO 3D on stock firmware for a while!

There’s always Samsung and Sony Ericsson who have going on HTC’s opposite direction as they understood how important it is for the Android Community to enjoy and modify their handsets to their likings. We all know, now, who’s going to get our business.

via Android Police