HTC begins testing Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the HTC Thunderbolt

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich could soon be heading to the HTC Thunderbolt. According to an email that was leaked to the guys over at VZBuzz, HTC is currently looking for some people to test out Android 4.0 on the HTC Thunderbolt, the first 4G LTE phone to launch on Verizon’s network. Even though HTC is launching newer phones like its quad-core HTC One X and dual-core HTC One S, the company is working hard to get its old single-core Thunderbolt upgraded to ICS.

This email only states that they’re looking for testers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say anything about when this will become reality for everyone with an aging Thunderbolt. So, if you’re a Thunderbolt owner, you should at least feel good knowing that HTC is testing things out.

Unfortunately, there’s also no information on which version of Sense will be available with the ICS update for the Thunderbolt. Will it be the new Sense 4.0 that will be found in the high-end HTC One X, or will it be Sense 3.6, which is going to be on the HTC One S? Since the Thunderbolt is an old one, we might be seeing Sense 3.6 on it. After all, it does only have a single-core processor.

As soon as we have more information on ICS for the HTC Thunderbolt, we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Source: VZBuzz | via Phandroid