HTC Announces A ROM Update for The Inspire 4G To Enable HSUPA Available Now

HTC announced today on the HTC Inspire 4G support page that AT&T customers should expect a ROM update for their Inspire 4G devices. This comes in time to the frustrated Inspire users who have been asking both HTC and AT&T about an update which allow them to enable HSUPA on their phone for better data speeds. It looks like the FCC approved their request a month ago to upgrade the Inspire 4G’s software.

HTC says that this is a maintenance release which target bugs related to Hotmail, Live,MSN email and increase potential data speeds which points at enabling HSUPA.

To check for the update, you have to do the following:

Home>Menu>Settings> AT&T Software Update> HTC Wi-Fi software update

Or you can go directly to AT&T and follow their steps by using this link

via HTC

Let us know how it works out for you!

Update: Inspire 4G Users are reporting that the update is available

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  • anonymous

    not working for me by checking manually (AT&T and HTC update)

  • Nick

    Working now! downloading… will check back after

  • Nat

    Some people were complaining that they aren’t receiving the update. I couldn’t find the update by going through the ATT update on my phone. I followed their advice and didn’t just restart my phone but I also took the battery out. After doing this I tethered up to my PC and was able to get the update. It’s currently downloading now. Just wanting to let people who aren’t getting the update on their phone, that maybe they need to do a soft reset (turn off phone and take out battery then restart). Worked for me and I’m in California.

  • Z.K

    i have rooted my inspire4g. and just receive the update notice. and i click OK to install the update. but it already took almost an hour. the screen continuously showing black but light is on. so what should i do now??

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